I-76 Viaducts


I-76 Viaduct Repairs



Pre-Stage 1: Anticipated December 2018 through December 2019. Traffic impacts consist of I-76 WB right lane closure during overnight hours. One of the following ramps may be closed during these hours: University Avenue  On Ramp; South Street On Ramp; 30th Street Exit Ramp. Construction Schedule Overview

S.R. 0076 Section SRE (Schuylkill Expressway) over Schuylkill River Bank. The SR 76, Section SRE project includes repairs to the structure carrying I-76 over the west bank of the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, PA. The limits of the structure are from Arch Street to the CSX bridge just before the Schuylkill River crossing, a total length of 6120 feet. The structure consists of 283 spans of reinforced concrete slabs and 6 spans of reinforced concrete T-beams, supported by reinforced concrete pile caps and steel H-piles. See Project Overview page.

List of Ramps affected: Chestnut Off Ramp; Univ Ave I-76 West Ramp; South St On Ramp; South St Off Ramp; Walnut St On Ramp; Vine Exp Ramp J Off Ramp. See Project Detour page for details.

Use the form on the Contact Us page at any time with your questions or concerns about the construction operation.  We will respond usually that same day or shortly thereafter.

Construction for each phase will generally occur over five to seven consecutive weekends per travel lane from University Avenue to Vine Street with additional ramp closures as described below.

Overview of MPT restrictions                    


    • 5 A.M -> 9 P.M: No lane closures allowed
    • 9 P.M -> 11 P.M: 1 lane closure allowed
    • 11 P.M -> 5 A.M: Directional closure allowed

Weekend (extra hour):

    • 9 P.M Friday ->5 A.M Monday: One lane closure allowed
    • 11 P.M -> 6 A.M: Overnight directional closure Friday & Saturday nights
    • 11 P.M -> 5 A.M: Overnight directional closure Sunday night
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