I-76 Viaducts

Construction Update: Fall 2020

Median Barrier Construction Continues

Fall 2020 – Construction to replace the median barrier continues this fall between University Avenue and 30th Street, the final stage of PennDOT’s two-year project to rehabilitate and resurface the Interstate 76 viaduct in Center City Philadelphia that is expected to finish late in 2020.

With the westbound expressway reduced to one lane around-the-clock through the end of the year, crews are removing the existing concrete median barrier and building a new, cast-in-place concrete barrier on the viaduct.

In addition to the westbound lane closure, the contractor is closing one lane of the eastbound expressway at nights and over weekends to speed the repairs. The on and off-ramps at the South Street Interchange also are impacted by the barrier construction, with the westbound I-76 off-ramp to South Street closed through the end of the year, and the South Street on-ramp to eastbound I-76 remains closed until November.

Ongoing repairs to the structural components beneath the viaduct also will continue through late 2020.

PennDOT in 2019 began repairs on the topside and underside of the Interstate 76 viaduct between 30th Street and University Avenue in Philadelphia. Throughout 2019 and 2020, PennDOT’s contractor repaired the westbound and eastbound viaduct during overnight and weekend operations.

As the top side of the viaduct was repaired and repaved during the 2019 construction season, work continued on the underside of the structure, where crews are rehabilitating the viaduct’s support columns. 

Completed repairs to the structure included cleaning and refurbishing the viaduct’s stormwater drainage system, repairs to the concrete deck’s expansion dams and parapets, and repaving the viaduct’s riding surface.

PennDOT will continue to communicate travel impacts in weekly Travel Advisories, which will be issued to local media and distributed through the project website to subscribers. (Sign up at https://i76viaduct.com/more-info/contact to receive travel advisories and other project-related information)

PennDOT is placing an overlay of synthetic polyester polymer concrete (PPC) as a new riding surface on the viaduct’s travel lanes. The PPC cures (dries and hardens) faster than conventional pavement, allowing the viaduct’s surface to be rehabilitated while minimizing the need for long-term lane closures that are normally required for conventional materials.

In addition, PennDOT’s contractor has finished work on the bridge that carries the Schuylkill Expressway over Route 23 and Arrowmink Creek in West Conshohocken Borough, Montgomery County. Joint, bearing, and structural steel repairs to this structure have been  completed. Similar repairs to several other I-76 bridges in Montgomery County were made earlier this year.